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 「ケイマフリ 〜天売島の赤い妖精〜」

「ケイマフリ Spectacled Guillemot 天売島の紅い妖精

寺沢孝毅・著 文一総合出版 大型本 80ページ

本体価格 ¥2,000-(税込¥2,200-・送料別途)

The spectacled guillemot who has the bright red-oragne foot is the rare seabird you can only see in the east bank of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the northern part of the Sea of Japan. The book shows their everyday lives, with much attention to their passionate and pretty courting behaviors in Teuri Island of Hokkaido, by using a lot of valuable photographs. Including the detailed commentary of the biology of the spectacled guillemot.